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Baja Style Fish Tacos
La Bufadora Baja Grill Logo
The Authentic Taste of Baja




Baja Fish Tacos

La Bufadora proudly satisfied appetites with the best authentic Mexican food. We are well known by locals for our tasty food, excellent prices, and comfort ambiance.


So whether you are working, playing, looking for a casual dinner spot, or just on the go, stop by and taste the authentic difference for yourself, you will come back for more!

You can expect quality & freshness in everything we prepare. We invite you to come and experience the Authentic Taste of Baja.


Family owned restaurant chain that has been serving the community since 1998. We specialize in original Ensenada  fish tacos along with other Mexican dishes.

Campechana Cocktail
La Bufadora, Ensenada México

What is La Bufadora?

[The Blow·hole]  / ˈbloˌhol / 


One of the largest marine geysers in the world or blowhole located on the Punta Banda Peninsula in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. The spout of sea water is the result of air, trapped in a sea cave, exploding upwards. Air is forced into the cave by wave action and is released when the water recedes. This interaction not only creates the spout, but a thunderous noise as well. Often shooting upwards more than 30 meters (100 ft) above sea level. The exhibit hall roof top is approximately 24 meters (80 ft) above sea level and the blowhole frequently sprays above it.

The Legend

Every year, hundreds of gray whales migrate from the cold waters in the north to the lukewarm waters in the south; legend has it that many years ago, during one of these migrations, a baby whale became separated from the group while snooping around the coastline. During its wandering it got stuck in the rocks, and in its search for help it decided to launch a jet of water and then a larger one and so on. Over time, this whale turned into stone until it merged with the rocks at this place.


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